Lapsed Members and Five-Wednesday Months

Lapsed Members and Five-Wednesday Months

Are you keeping track of your lapsed members? This is one of those five-Wednesday months I referred to in April (See Renewing Lapsed Members). And that means it’s a good time to review where you are with your 2015 renewals.

Looking back on all the individuals who gave you money in 2014, run a check on who you haven’t yet heard from in 2015. (Note the difference between a lapsed member from whom you haven’t yet heard and a lapsed member who has actually said “Sorry, not this year.”)


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So what have you tried already? How has your response been?

In April, I suggested hosting an open house with board members calling to invite lapsed members. I also suggested:

  • A special field trip,
  • A challenge grant,
  • A T-shirt or hat premium, or
  • [Insert your idea here].

In July, I shared an Audubon lapsed member letter that got a particularly good response. (See Lapsed Members Letters.)

If nothing else, try asking your board members to make phone calls to lapsed members, and make a few calls yourself, too. Provide everyone with a script, such as this one I just posted to my Resources Page – Phone Script for Contacting Lapsed Members/Donors.

By the way, there’s another five-Wednesday month coming in December – a last chance to renew members in 2015. What can you set up NOW to take advantage of that opportunity?





Photo credit: Mount Chapin, Colorado by Walt Kaesler.


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