Appeal Letters

Appeal Letters

Writing appeal letters that raise money is not hard. Writing appeal letters that raise a lot more money takes knowledge and effort. Appeal letters are better thought of as technical writing than as correspondence. And just like writing skills for many other technical purposes, there is a science to it.


Development for Conservation will provide a first draft appeal letter that is consistent with current best practice science. I will also share the relevant science behind writing effective letters so that the letter I write becomes an example that clients can learn from in future years.


D4C’s Letter-writing service offers:

  • An initial telephone interview with all relevant staff and Board members to identify the story or stories that will be featured in the appeal letter, and
  • Delivery of a first draft letter that conforms to the best practices known to drive giving.

The delivered draft will need to be edited and proof-read for content, formatted to conform with organizational stationary, and adapted for use with each donor segment. Otherwise, it should be ready to go.



The price for the described appeal letter writing service is $625. This fee is for the first draft only – additional editing will be considered for additional fees.