Kind Words

My clients will tell you that the most important deliverables are the intangible ones: courage, confidence, clarity, and know-how. This is what a few of them have to say.

Several years ago you did a training at a Gathering Waters Conference. In the room that day I’m not sure your message reached all the land trust people, but it reached me. It took me awhile to figure out how to have individual relationships with so many different people. But, I knew I was on the right track. A track I’ve been following ever since. I credit you for enriching my life. Not only have the last years been good for the land trust. You wouldn’t believe how far we’ve come since the old days! But, my own life is filled with so many good people. I can hardly keep track of them all! Instead of having a big mailing list, I have 100’s of people that I care about. It makes all the difference in the world.

- From Deborah Nett, Northeast Wisconsin Land Trust

Thank you for yet again another great blog. This week’s post struck a chord. I write, first and foremost, to thank you for serving as a virtual peer and mentor over the past two years. When I log in on Tuesday mornings, I feel like I have had a cup of coffee with a trusted co-worker/mentor. Your insights leave me nodding in agreement week after week. In case you don’t hear it, you were right, you were right. And you do make a difference. You have a great mind and are generous in sharing.

- From Michele Boyle, Forever Maryland

So many of your lessons have been front stage for us this month. Looking back at this experience in total, your work with us is the most pivotal work we’ve done as an organization upon my hiring- and it set the tone for so many periphery items. It really was the greatest gift we could have given ourselves.

- From Sarah Livesay, Grand Prairie Friends

While I was the Director of Development for San Isabel Land Protection Trust we hired David to conduct a development audit. The process and plan that he delivered were well organized and executed. He provided a road map that we could follow and at the same time helped us raise more money. In fact, he encouraged us to launch a $1000 giving club. In our first year we raised $80,000 in 8 months. And that is no small thing for a land trust in rural Colorado in a county with a population of less than 4000 people! Thanks David for your vision and encouragement. You are a great asset to the land trust community

– From Kristie Nackord, San Isabel Land Protection Trust

I wanted to take a quick moment and thank you for your workshop at River Rally this past week. I was the one who, prior to the Rally, was so excited about a particular workshop beginning at halftime of your workshop, but couldn’t tear myself away once you started. I would have easily sat for several more hours to hear more. Your workshop is CHOCK FULL of information, sure, but your ability to discuss and command our attention, even at the bitter end of a very long and knowledge-filled conference, was fantastic. Thank you again for your time and knowledge! Looking forward to receiving the First Thing Tuesdays!

– From Kelly Marshall, Alabama Rivers Alliance

The event sponsorship article, especially, hit home for me. (It) led me to find your resources page, which I did not hesitate to share with the rest of our board. So much good stuff there! And yes, I attended a fundraising workshop you held at a CLCC conference a couple of years ago and, while I don’t remember exactly when it was, I can tell you the material was both memorable and inspiring. So thank you for your good work in the land trust community and thank you for making such good information readily available on your web site. It is so helpful to a small group like ours!

– From Cathy Shea, Board Member, Colchester Land Trust