NOW is a Great Time to Call Lapsing Members

NOW is a Great Time to Call Lapsing Members

“Hi. My name is David Allen, and I’m on the board of The ______ Land Trust. I’m calling to ask that you consider renewing your membership before the end of the year. You have been a supportive member for several years now, and I noticed that we haven’t heard from you yet this year.

There’s still time!

The ______ Land Trust is your local land trust. Supporting this work means protecting natural areas, working farms and forests, parks and open spaces – the places we all love – right here, close to home.

Please don’t fade away! If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please call me, and I’ll bring them up at the January Board Meeting. My number is ###-####.

And please, consider renewing your membership today!

Thanks so much.



Could you make this call to a member your land trust hasn’t yet heard from in 2014?

Of course you could. (Hint – most of the time, you will be leaving this as a message.)

Could you ask every board member to help you?

Of course you could.

Remember that renewing your current supporters is easier, cheaper, and more effective than replacing them! And organizations that do a great job renewing their members grow faster and raise more money, too.




Photo credit: Stream in Winter, courtesy of Walt Kaesler.

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