Spring Appeal

Spring Appeal


I spent the day last Wednesday looking at Earth Day videos and reading Earth Day blogs. Some I liked. Frankly, a lot of them were so much blah, blah.

Here’s one worth passing along – Prince Ea: “Sorry.” Did you see one you liked? Please share.



I also attended the Annual Meeting of the Ice Age Trail Alliance. It was one of the most interesting and well-constructed annual meetings I have ever attended. The Alliance is a 3,000-member state-wide trail organization that builds and maintains an 1,100-mile footpath across the state of Wisconsin. Last year they logged 80,000 volunteer hours.

The Ice Age Trail Alliance’s annual meeting was three days long and featured guided hikes during the morning of each day. The afternoons were filled with workshops, committee meetings, and the Annual Membership Meeting itself. More than 200 people attended. I thought it was fantastic.


If you haven’t already, this is the week you should send out your Spring Appeal.

I’ve been asked by several clients about timing of the appeal. How late can we send it? I answer that you can send out an appeal letter until the Tuesday before Memorial Day (the 19th) and still do relatively well. Every day you wait after Wednesday of that week, you’ll probably see diminishing results.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule (except, of course, this one).

I’ve written a lot about writing appeals, and mailing Spring Appeals in particular. Several of the posts are linked below.

How is your spring fundraising going? Have you used any of the tips presented here? Let me know. If you’ll share, I’ll post all the ideas I am aware of on this blog.


PS: I’m headed out on the Conference circuit soon. Look for me at River Rally, the PALTA Conference, and the LTA’s Southeast Conference. See you there!


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