Last Minute Appeal Letter Writing Prep

Last Minute Appeal Letter Writing Prep


10 October 2023


By David Allen, Development for Conservation


I’ve noticed a number of hits on old blog posts related to writing Fall Appeal Letters, and a couple of folks have even called asking specific questions. It appears that some of you are looking for last minute help writing End-of-Year campaign letters and coming to the D4C website for help.

I love that. Let me save you some trouble.


I’ve curated my favorite posts on writing appeal letters below. The first group addresses the basics of letter construction and actually writing it from a fresh perspective – things to consider when sitting down to write an appeal letter.

The second group includes some specific language examples from my own experience. These posts include actual language I’ve used with client letters.

And the third group discusses editing and polishing.


For some of you, this will be fresh (hopefully) and helpful.

Others may have seen these when they were written and used the suggestions in past letter-writing.

If this is YOU, I’d love to hear about your experience. What did you try? What worked better than you expected? What flopped?

I am always learning, so I am specifically interested in your experience. But others reading this will also benefit. Let us have it in the comments and let’s all have a better fundraising season.


Things to think about before you sit down to write the letter.


The Secret That Will Change the Way You Approach Writing Appeal Letters

A Dozen Rules for Writing Better Fundraising Letters – Part 1

A Dozen Rules for Writing Better Fundraising Letters – Part 2


Some specific examples and specific language to inspire you.


One way to Tackle Writing an Appeal Letter

Need Help Writing Your Appeal Letter?

Sample Appeal Letter – ALNC

Sample Appeal Letter – IATA


How to tackle editing.


Last Minute Appeal Letter Editing

Five Things to Remember When You Sit Down to Write Your Spring Appeal Letter



Cheers, and have a great week!




PS: Your comments on these posts are welcomed and warmly requested. If you have not posted a comment before, or if you are using a new email address, please know that there may be a delay in seeing your posted comment. That’s my SPAM defense at work. I approve all comments as soon as I am able during the day.


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  • Charlie Quinn
    Posted at 12:04h, 01 November

    And, of course, your answer about letter length was already in one of the other posts, thanks! –

  • Charlie Quinn
    Posted at 11:56h, 01 November

    Thanks, David! I’ve always wondered what the right LENGTH is for an appeal letter – the four-page ALNC example seems a bit long, even if I agree the content is really great?

  • Carol Abrahamzon
    Posted at 08:50h, 10 October

    Ours has been mailed but I totally GEEK OUT on this stuff, so thanks!!!!