Good News

Good News

Back in March, I posted a blog about sharing Good News as a specific strategy for advancing donor cultivation. Now (June) is a good time to find something to send. Find something that has recently happened and that hasn’t yet been publicized otherwise. Something that you can share with your donors that they won’t have already heard elsewhere.


Fundraiser’s Almanac – June


The post resonated with several readers, and I got the following comment from Cait:

One thing we are just starting to do is targeted donor stewardship emails – similar to your “good news” concept, I am sending newsletter updates, stories about our conservation successes, etc. via personal email to select donors interested in those issues, beyond our normal communications for the Foundation.”

Here are several more ideas for things that might qualify as “Good News.”

  • The acquisition of a land or easement deal.
  • A major agency or foundation grant for a project or program to which you wish to draw additional attention.
  • The discovery of a plant, animal, nest, or community of flora and fauna that was previously unknown in that location.
  • The hiring of a new staff position.
  • The election of a new Board Director or a new Officer.
  • The story of how a specific place got its name, or at least a bit of a place’s history that might be interesting to pass along.
  • The publication of a news article, magazine feature, or book that has some relevance to the organization.
  • The completion of a strategic plan.

What are you sharing with your donors this summer?





Photo credit: Columbines courtesy of Walt Kaesler.


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