Filing/Data Entry (and a few inspiring thoughts from others)

Filing/Data Entry (and a few inspiring thoughts from others)

These next few weeks are when all the work you’ve put in this year really pays off. It’s fun opening the mail every day. It’s fun calling to thank those whose generosity of every denomination makes this the most validating of seasons. Your work is their work. Your mission is their mission. Joyous donors – joyous recipients.

I’m finding that there isn’t much to say that I haven’t already said many times in many ways.

  • Take care of your donors.
  • Keep good records so those who follow you can do their job.
  • Be reflective. Write things down you will appreciate remembering next year.
  • Be there.

So here are two things, beautifully said by others, that will help make and keep your spirit bright.


Fundraiser’s Almanac – December


The first comes from Penelope Burk, a fundraising blogger whose posts have inspired me on more than one occasion. In this blog post, entitled simply “Nick,” Burk says,


“There are about 1.2 million not-for-profits in the US and Canada, and on any given day 100% of them are trying to figure out how to hold onto their donors. If Nick were a fundraiser, he’d have that problem solved.”


The second comes from Dr. William Cronon, a University of Wisconsin historian and naturalist – and very gifted teacher. His lectures are the stuff of legend, and his Last Lecture of the semester might just make your whole week. (It’s just four minutes long, and I promise it’s worth your time.)


“In seeking to tame the Earth, as we have, we’ve taken upon ourselves the burden of tending and caring for the garden that we have sought to make of this planet. We have become responsible for the Earth.”


This is the land trust message.


Take of yourself this Holiday Season.




Photo credit: Heath Road Preserve courtesy of Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy.


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