PS Notes

PS Notes

Two weeks ago, I wrote about how important the opening paragraph and the PS note were to the success of fundraising letters – because of the way people actually read them. (See The Hidden Fact That Will Change the Way You Write Appeal Letters.)

Both last week and this, I’m on vacation, so I pre-programmed this post as a follow-up.

Over the course of time, I join many organizations – always at the $50 level – specifically so I can see their fundraising material later. And I see a lot of bad and ugly – as well as quite a lot of good to great. Last week, I posted a series of opening lines that I have received that I felt were in this latter category. (See Opening Lines.)

For this week’s post, I’ve collected here are some PS notes for appeals that I felt were pretty good as well. As you read through, keep in mind that the PS note has one job to do – to reinforce the request for support in a creative way that communicates urgency.

  • Want to check another thing off your list? Please consider supporting the effort to protect and care for Maine’s coast with a monthly gift. Use the enclosed reply envelope or go online: ____________
  • Because of you, we can put in the time it takes to create lasting conservation right outside your door. Please give now using the envelope provided, or donate online at __________.
  • Every generation of Iowans deserves healthy, beautiful lands and clean water. It’s up to us to leave a vibrant natural legacy in Iowa. Join today to receive your e-news and magazine right away and your calendar by November. Be part of the action!
  • Thank you for your ongoing commitment to conservation.
  • Look for the new and improved website ________________________ this summer. Featuring a new look, updates on our current and past work for your lakes, member testimonials, and new features like a regular podcast! The new website will provide our supporters with an even easier way to connect with lakes and support our work.
  • I hope you enjoy reading the enclosed newsletter! If you like what you read, please consider supporting our work with a contribution today.
  • Please make your charitable, holiday donation TODAY to support the growing network of conservationists across the state working to conserve our drinking water, provide habitat for our wildlife, and preserve Texas for future generations!
  • Your gift of $35 or $50 today makes so much important work possible. Thanks to you, substance, quality, and innovation will continue to have a home on Wisconsin Public Radio, as we enter our second century of broadcast.
  • Protect our Hill Country and vital water resources so that they are truly here forever – for generations to come!
  • Your tax-deductible gift today of $100 will protect clean water and keep rivers alive for our kids and grandkids. Give now using the envelope provided, or give online at _____________. When you donate, you’ll receive a packet of Willamette Valley native seeds to play with at home! And double your gift this month with our matching gift opportunity.
  • Remember, with your gift of $10 or more, you will get not one, but TWO, resusable shopping bags. And the address labels featuring a handful of the species you will be helping to protect are yours – no obligation, really. But the work we are doing is incredibly important and requires the support of a lot of people. So I hope we hear from you soon!


And a few of my own:

  • Give today to take action for our great local natural resource: Galveston Bay. Be part of the efforts to improve the health of Galveston Bay and ensure that all of our kids and grandkids will enjoy a clean, healthy Galveston Bay in the future.
  • Give today to take action for our great local natural resource: the Housatonic River. Be part of the efforts to improve the health of the “Housy” and ensure that all of our kids and grandkids will enjoy a clear, clean, and cold River in the future.
  • Don’t forget to make your donation BEFORE June 30th! Because everything begins with the land.
  • If you have any questions about the land trust or any of its projects or programs, please contact me personally at ###-###-####, ext. ###.
  • Every dollar you give to protect this vital habitat will be matched 3:1 with funding from state and foundation sources. Please consider making a generous gift today!
  • The river is doing its part. Now we must do ours. Please make a gift before December 31st.


Hopefully, there’s something in there that will inspire you, too.

Got a PS Note you’re proud of? Send it to me, and I’ll publish it in a future list.





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