Fundraising Campaigns

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Fundraising (Board-Driven) Campaigns

Non-profit Board members need to take responsibility for fundraising and staff need to make it easy for them. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. Annual campaigns provide a constructive framework for Board and staff to work together on productive fundraising and are conducted in a concentrated period of time.

Organizations typically measure growth by increasing membership numbers and by increasing average gifts from members, also known as “upgrading”. Members with significant capacity, and who begin to demonstrate increasing commitment to the organization by giving more money through membership and appeals, warrant a higher level of personal attention from the organization. Such members become the focus of this Annual Campaign as a first step in major gift fundraising.

Description of Service

Fundraising (Annual) Campaigns typically follow directly from Fundraising/Development Audits and Board fundraising training sessions, though the latter two products aren’t necessarily prerequisites. In the absence of an analytical audit, I start with an abbreviated analysis of current membership giving histories and patterns, using the information about membership performance over the past 3-5 years to propose an aggressive but realistic fundraising goal and provide a detailed fundraising plan for a Board-driven campaign. The plan is donor specific as well as activity and timing specific, and is developed with Board and staff participation.

I then work with staff to develop the conceptual plan and materials (letter[s], pledge cards, response materials, and so on). This is great time to look at new giving clubs, and I am available to help incorporate this element as well. The resulting campaign is implemented by staff and Board leadership and designed to be replicable in subsequent years. I typically anticipate staying involved during the campaign, attending periodic meetings of the planning committee, and being available for solicitation training and coaching as needed.

Finally, I prepare a reporting template that provides accurate progress against goal data as well as sets up next year’s campaign.

Fees and Expenses

I base my fee on an estimate of days required on site and estimated travel expenses from Madison, Wisconsin. The fee is typically in the $5,000-$8,500 range. Travel expenses are explicitly included.