Kind Words

“While I was the Director of Development for San Isabel Land Protection Trust we hired David to conduct a development audit. The process and plan that he delivered were well organized and executed. He provided a road map that we could follow and at the same time helped us raise more money. In fact, he encouraged us to launch a $1000 giving club. In our first year we raised $80,000 in 8 months. And that is no small thing for a land trust in rural Colorado in a county with a population of less than 4000 people! Thanks David for your vision and encouragement. You are a great asset to the land trust community”

– From Kristie Nackord, San Isabel Land Protection Trust

“I wanted to take a quick moment and thank you for your workshop at River Rally this past week. I was the one who, prior to the Rally, was so excited about a particular workshop beginning at halftime of your workshop, but couldn’t tear myself away once you started. I would have easily sat for several more hours to hear more. Your workshop is CHOCK FULL of information, sure, but your ability to discuss and command our attention, even at the bitter end of a very long and knowledge-filled conference, was fantastic. Thank you again for your time and knowledge! Looking forward to receiving the First Thing Tuesdays!”

– From Kelly Marshall, Alabama Rivers Alliance

“The event sponsorship article, especially, hit home for me. (It) led me to find your resources page, which I did not hesitate to share with the rest of our board.  So much good stuff there!  And yes, I attended a fundraising workshop you held at a CLCC conference a couple of years ago and, while I don’t remember exactly when it was, I can tell you the material was both memorable and inspiring.  So thank you for your good work in the land trust community and thank you for making such good information readily available on your web site.  It is so helpful to a small group like ours!”

– From Cathy Shea, Board Member, Colchester Land Trust

“David’s presentation was excellent! I had board members commenting that they were so glad that they attended and that a similar training should be required attendance for all board members. David’s presentation style was very effective and easy to listen to; I appreciated his level of audience involvement.”
– From the Western Pennsylvania Land Trusts Roundtable and Workshop, Evaluations from Land Trust Convening

“(T)hanks for the great presentation in Chattanooga at the LTA conference.  So glad that my executive director and board chair were also in the room – they’re FIRED UP !”
From Alice Hudson, MEd, Texas Parks and Greenways Foundation

“Best seminar PALTA has ever presented.   Extremely informative and encouraging.  Take-aways that can actually be implemented.  Finally, a consultant that gives practical and realistic advice and knowledge!”
– From the Pennsylvania Land Conservation Conference, Evaluations from “Major Gift Development” Workshop

“Great tips and advice that can be taken back to my organization and implemented.  Thank you!”
From the Pennsylvania Land Conservation Conference, Evaluations from “Secrets to a High Functioning Development Committee” Workshop

“Excellent, useful, practical, insightful – David’s 2 workshops were the best of the conference!”
– From the Pennsylvania Land Conservation Conference, Evaluations from “Secrets to a High Functioning Development Committee” Workshop

“Throughout the process, David engaged the board and staff in a way that was inclusive, and brought everyone around the discussion. That was very valuable, and gave us a great point to rally around!”
– Joe Moll, McKenzie River Trust

“David helped to give us a solid outreach plan, and we are seeing results.  David’s presentations were ‘right-on.'”
– Sue Heffron, Kettle Moraine Land Trust

“Working with David has been very helpful for us.  He was able to work with our committees and then with the board to put together a good plan to follow. The process helped us see what we’re doing well and focus on that to achieve the best results.”
– Christopher J. Kirkpatrick, The Prairie Enthusiasts

“Our work with David came at a good time.  He helped lay out the details for us to start a giving club, which is going very well.  We are already close to achieving our giving club goal for 2013!  Many of these giving club members doubled their contribution from their 2012 levels.”
– Johanna Humbert, Chikaming Open Lands

“We received exceptionally valuable service from Development for Conservation. David’s a great listener and tailored his approach to fit our situation and needs. We found him to be smart, thorough, experienced and even affordable! I think organizations that are experiencing some stress, as well as those that just want to improve, would find they can trust him to provide the right tone and the right advice.”
– Anita O’Gara, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation

“We asked David to do a workshop for our board after attending his presentations at the Texas Land Conservation Conference. His messages were clear, straightforward, and focused on results-proven practices — directly on target!”
– Susan Hughes, Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas

“David gave our board the confidence to step up to a new challenge. With his coaching we were able to help our supporters see the organization and its future in a whole new way.”
– Lynn Broadus, River Alliance

“Thank you!! There is nothing more valuable than having a shared vision and that’s what your visit helped us accomplish. Your presentation was excellent and how you fit exactly what we needed into the limited time was truly impressive. I feel that you’ve launched us into the next phase both in terms of fundraising and committee development and that we’ll see benefits immediately and long into the future.”
-Laurel Hauser, Door County Land Trustees

“It’s funny, because I feel like I’ve taken a lot of these types of courses through LTA, and even other nonprofit support groups, but your program was the first time that I actually left one of these things feeling like I “got it” – maybe I’m just slow, or maybe I was finally at the right place to be able to take the information and put it into our operation? But, I think the way you presented it was certainly part of the reason. Your advice was practical, and aimed at groups like ours – smaller, local conservation groups.”
– Lisa Haderlein, The Land Conservancy of McHenry County

“The seminar was great! It was eye-opening for both Don and me. We learned a number of practical tidbits. The biggest thing though is that our attitude about contacting big donors has changed, the latter being the primary reason that we wanted to hear you. Your presentation was so polished that I cannot think of one area of improvement. If you are not on a college faculty, you should be.”
– Gary Hicks, Woodland Savanna Land Conservancy

“I will state this more explicitly – David is damn good at these audits. He’s right about the objectivity he brings into the dynamic of a nonprofit organization. His “development audit” of the River Alliance five years ago fundamentally changed how we do individual fund raising. In our case, it truly was a “system review,” of not only looking at retention percentages and other membership minutiae, but also who’s on the board and why they are not giving. It has certainly paid off for us.”
– Denny Caneff, River Alliance

“David’s work for the Geneva Lake Conservancy was not only extremely educational but instantly useable. Beyond simply providing our organization with a detailed analysis of our past fundraising activities, he supplied the Board of Directors and our staff with a clear understanding of how to proceed, including a specific action plan. We have already enlisted his expertise to run our new campaign for 2009. I would highly recommend David to any organization that plans to take a proactive stance and wishes to make the most of their fundraising efforts in the new economy.”
– Joe McHugh, Geneva Lake Conservancy

“David’s work as a development consultant is on par with the very best. Under his guidance, Gathering Waters Conservancy launched a fundraising program that has become the backbone of our development plan and continues to be very successful. He is an expert in his field, he works great with staff and boards, his services are a great value, and he consistently delivers quality and punctual results. We’d definitely recommend him to anyone!”
– Sara DeKok, Gathering Waters Conservancy

“David has provided my organization with relevant and concise information and ideas to help motivate and organize the fundraising efforts of our board and staff.”
– Jim Welsh, Natural Heritage Land Trust

“Your presentation was right on target, and clearly engaged the group with enthusiasm. The comments at the full board meeting on Tuesday were uniformly positive. We’re ready to tackle this challenging year with confidence and optimism. We look forward to your continued help for The Ridges Sanctuary in the months ahead.”
– Alan Kimbell, The Ridges Sanctuary